Saturday steppin into the Club
music made me wanna tell the DJ "Turn it Up"
I feel the Energy All around
And my body cant Stop movin to the sound
But... I can tell that your watchin me
And your probably gonna write what you didnt see
Well I just need a little Space to Breath
Can you please Respect my Privacy!!!!

( verse 1 )
Why cant you just let me do
The things I wanna do
I just wanna be Me
I dont Understand Why
Would you wanna Bring me down
When I'm only having Fun
I'm gonna live my life
(But Not the Way that you want me to)

( Chorus )

I'm tired of Rumors Started
I'm sick of bein' Followed
I'm tired of people Lyin
Sayin what they want about me
Why cant they Back up off me
Why cant they let me live
I'm gonna do it my way
Take this for just what it is

Here we are Back up in the Club
People Takin Pictures Dont you think they get enough???
I just wanna be all over the Floor
And Throw my hands up in the air to the Beat like...
I gotta say respectfully
I would love it If you took the Cameras off of me
Cuz I just Need a Little Room to Breath
Can you please Respect My Privacy

( verse 1 )

( Chorus )

I just Need to Free My Mind
(My Mind)
Just wanna dance and have a good Time
(Good Time)

I'm tired of Rumors ( Rumors )
Followed (Followed Followed Followed Followed)
What they want of me
Why cant they (They They They They They)
Let me Live (Live)
Take this for Just What it Is

( Chorus 2x )

【Rumors】Lindsay Lohan 琳賽蘿涵
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